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SUMMER CAMP - AUG. 19 - 25, 2019




It all started when…

Traditionally, to become a skilled artisan one studies under a master, learning through assistance and service to one who has already mastered their craft. Apprenticeship has a long and storied lineage, and there is much to say about the endeavour. What we are proposing and offering is but a whisper in the direction of an apprenticeship, as are many such aspects of Folk Camp. Attending classes each day at Folk Camp, students learn fragments of a craft (such as folk painting, weaving, forging, even singing & dancing), and may taste the vastness of what there is still to learn. Within the scope of these hour-long classes students are introduced to a brief history and context of the craft, and the basic techniques employed therein. In most cases, students drop in to work at something for an hour or two that has a much longer process, that has been started for them by the teacher, prior to the class, and may sometimes also be finished by them.

The “apprenticeship” is an opportunity to be involved more fully in the whole process of the craft, from preparatory to finishing parts. You will participate in the camp in a rather different way, and have a chance to focus on one particular craft, by assisting the teacher throughout the week. By working with the teacher throughout the day you’ll be bound to the demands of the craft practice, whether it is cleaning and carding the wool used for spinning, setting up the fire and tools for the forge, feeding the sourdough starter for breadbaking, or watering and weeding the garden each day. Anywhere from 3-6 hours.

You’ll learn by doing, in a way that attending short classes simply doesn’t allow. You'll be able to attend other classes, but only as your apprenticeship duties allow. First and foremost, your commitment is to your teacher; you'll meet with them prior to camp (in person or over the phone), to discuss a working plan for the week, and to arrive at an agreement as to your commitments and expectations. This agreement will be binding for the week, with a chance to check in and revisit it early on, to make sure it is being fulfilled.

You may apply to apprentice the following:

  • Spinning and/or Weaving with Johanna Koeslag

  • Blacksmithing with Rok

  • Baking with Natalka Buchok

  • Gardening with Blair Richards-Koeslag

Seeking apprentices who are: patient, diligent learners; punctual; responsible; mature individuals who take commitments seriously; respectful and cordial.

Must be available: Sunday, August 18 - Sunday, August 25th
(exact arrival time to be negotiated)

Daily, anywhere from 3-6 hours.
Age 18+
Cost: $550

Please answer the following questions, as well as email your resume/CV
with personal references to

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