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Kobzaring the New World: House Concert with Yuriy Fedynsky

Join us for an intimate house concert with Yuriy Fedynsky featuring a special presentation of traditional instruments, along with sing-along masterclass, with group jamming-music making.

Ukrainian-American composer, torbanist, bandurist and singer-songwriter, producer, bandleader, luthier, cultural activist and pedagogue. Fedynsky moved to the small vilalge of Kryachkivka (population 500) to work on resurrecting the almost lost tradition of "dumy", lyrical ballads by blind Ukrainian musicians.

Fedynsky is a luthier of such instruments as kobza, bandura, torban, hurdy-gurdy. He founded a guild of makers and performers in the village of Kryachkivka. The annual music festival "Drevo Rodu Kobzarskoho" takes place in the village

Fedynsky is a performer on kobza, torban and traditional bandura.

Tuesday 6 November, 6PM

Bathurst & Dupont
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