2017 dates coming soon!

FOLK CAMP presents a week long immersion into folk culture in which participants will experience the traditions of craft, song, dance, theatre, and food from our heritage through workshops and various activities.

Folk Camp offers the chance to live in community with people, learning & embracing village traditions and values... To work, play, explore, share.

-A stay in the beautiful and comfortable surroundings of the Ukrainian Plast camp
-Fresh, locally grown, organic, healthy meals & snacks, three times a day
-A diversity of workshops & activities, for all interests, including:
     Guided forest walks
     Foraging & harvesting of local edible & medicinal plants
     Games & communal tasks (building projects, garden-tending, etc.)
     Evening concerts, dances, & showcases
     Bonfires with storytelling, spoken word & theatrical elements
     Swimming pool & Lake Ontario waterfront access
     Movie nights