Folk Camp

2016 food - bread and dance

2016 workshops | FOOD: Bread Making & Bellydance

Bread Making & Bellydance

with Natalka Buchok

Learn how to make a traditional eastern European sweet bread - kolach (like challah bread), a delicious dark rye that will have you running for sauerkraut and pickled herring, honey cake sweet with the nectar of bees, and then for the finale, the queen of all breads, the korovai - a festive wedding bread, decorated with ancient symbols of abundance and love.  

While dough is rising, participants will learn the ancient art of bellydance - traditionally a dance done by women for women, (but men are very welcome!). We will learn the basics as well as a short dance routine. Bring any costumes you might have, veils, jingly belts and be ready to wiggle and jiggle while the work of our hands does its thing.