Folk Camp

2017 Forging


Forging/ Blacksmithing

Delve in to a week-long learning experience in the art of reshaping metal with fire, hammer and an anvil. Forging is an ancient art form and craft that combines all four elements that results in creating a structural and artistic items solely limited to one’s imagination.

The outcome of this workshop will allow participants to make one forged item, which will be added to a larger piece of art at the end of the camp.

Beginners will include introduction to forging and making smaller and simpler forms, such as tapering points and spinning spirals. They will be used as a decorative part of the art piece.

Advanced participants will work on the structural part of the sculpture. It will include more complex forging technics such as punching holes, cutting, etching and fastening.

There will be 2 participants per session.

w. Rok