Folk Camp

Blair Richards-Koeslag



Spinning, Folk Herbalism, Fermentation

As a child I developed a love off wool, knitting at the age of 4, crocheting at the age 6 and spinning at the age of 8.  Visiting my Aunt Johanna, a master spinner in my childhood all the spinning wheels and fluff and fibres inspired me to beg my parents for a spinning wheel.  As Aunty Johanna lived 5 hours away I learned the hard way: making every conceivable mess that one would image could occur with an 8 year old and a spinning wheel.  This has helped me to teach others as I understand the problems and the frustrations that may occur personally.  I love to teach people to spin and play with fibres in a creative way.  While I am not playing with fibres I live off grid with my 3 children and grow organic vegetables.

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