Folk Camp

dan ihnatowycz


Dan is a tree planting crew-boss and a cook. His passion for cooking came from the need to properly feed and nourish himself and him co-workers while planting trees in British Columbia. Starting as a pastime, Ihnatowycz quickly developed the skills to cook on a larger scale and began working as a free-lance cook in his time off from tree planting. He has been involved with the Lemon Bucket and Kosa Kolektiv communities for a number of years now and has worked alongside them in various capacities. His do-it-yourself style of cooking and unique take on comfort food has landed him a role as the personal chef and caterer for Lemon Bucket events.

He has volunteered in several kitchens including the Vipassana Meditation Centre in Montebello, QC and sells his home-cooked food at fairs and community gatherings.  More recently he took on the role of Head Cook for Counting Sheep, an interactive Ukrainian Christmas dinner play set against the backdrop of the Maidan Revolution. Currently taking on the role of cooking at Folk Camp in Grafton, ON, Ihnatowycz is excited to build on the sense of community and togetherness that is created through the way we eat.