Folk Camp



The ladies of the "Rozhanytsia" folk group started doing authentic singing relatively recently, but in that short time they’ve managed to really win over the public. The group has received a warm welcome from every audience they’ve performed for - throughout Ukraine, Estonia and Canada.

"Rozhanytsya" has won prizes and diplomas at numerous festivals, including "BALTICA 2012", "The Trypillian circle", "Kraina Mrij"; they’re residents of the "Mamaeva Sloboda" Kozak Village, regular guests at the annual international pottery symposium in the city Opishne and a welcome guest at the "Ivan Honchar Museum" National Folk Culture Centre.

The group masterfully performs Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian and Moldavian folk songs.

"Rozhanytsia" conducts master classes in folk dancing, embroidery, paper decorations, reeled dolls and Easter eggs.

With "Rozhanytsia’s" help you have the unique opportunity of participating in the rituals of our country. By recreating traditional rites, the group will help you enjoy the atmosphere of the main Ukrainian holidays, like Christmas, Malanka, Masliana and Kupalo, as well as everyday celebrations, including weddings and ‘vechornytsi’ (typical Ukrainian parties). 

With the group’s help you’ll see these holidays the way our ancestors celebrated them, you’ll feel the joy and the deep wisdom encrypted in folk songs.
Beautiful songs, ritual ceremonies and fiery incendiary dances performed by "Rozhanitsia" will make for an unforgettable celebration!

Together with the girls you will find yourself in a world of long gone archaic ancient times and learn many interesting stories from the lives of the Ukrainian people.

Find out more about Rozhanytsia on their facebook page.