Folk Camp

Tangi Ropars


Tangi grew up playing musette and celtic music in the celtic part of France called Brittany. He spent more than 15 years performing the traditional dancing night called ‘’Fest-Noz’’. After a few years  of travelling and discovering the countries and culture of South East Asia, South America, etc... he ended in Toronto where he really started to diversify his music style. He played with many North American singer songwriters for many years which led to focusing on the gypsy punk music, forro from Brazil, Balkan Klezmer form Eastern Europe, etc. In Toronto, Tangi joined and started many projects like the artist collective called ‘’Fedora Upside Down’’ with Freeman Dre and Mark Marczyk in 2010; which gathered many folk artists together to share the love for tradition and cultural art exchange in Tornto. Around that time Tangi started Lemon Bucket Orkestra with Mark Marczyk; a 15 piece Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-Party-Punk-Super-Band. Just three years later, Tangi started Balfolk Toronto with Emylin Stam in 2013.