Folk Camp

craft- chair caning

2015 program: craft | embroidery | chair seat weaving | papercutting | printmaking

Instructed by Matthew Cherkas

Seat weaving dates back thousands of years. We will explore the history of this ancient technique and the forest around us to give an old chair new life.

The workshop will introduce participants to weaving, chair caning, and furniture making. The focus of the workshop will be on learning and applying the technique of rush seat weaving to chairs or stools. The various materials used in weaving will be introduced, with a focus on identifying species and characteristics of natural materials that make good weaving materials. The history and evolution of chairs, the craft of caning and weaving and its impact on our world will be referenced and discussed organically as the workshop progresses. Books, material samples, and weave samples will be on hand, as well as photocopies of technical instructions for distribution to the participants.