Folk Camp

craft - printmaking

2015 program: craft | embroidery | chair seat weaving | papercutting | printmaking

Instructed by Oksana Hawrylak

Learn how to create relief prints using tools and materials that can be found in your home and in nature. Through out the workshop, we’ll be exploring relief printing using traditional techniques from around the world as well as modern day techniques. We’ll carve out our images and use water-based, non-toxic inks, using your hands (and without a press!)

We’ll get to explore making natural inks from plants that we find surrounding the camp.

Relief printing is the oldest form of printmaking. Using a flat relief block, you carve out an image by using various sharp carving tools and knives. Ink is applied to the raised surface of the block, while the carved out areas remain blank. A print is created by placing a sheet of paper or fabric on the inked surface of the block and using pressure (by hand or press) to leave an impress of the image.