Folk Camp

Matti Palonen




Matti Palonen has performed traditional Finnish folk music for ten years with groups including Toronto Pelimannit, Vox Finlandiae Choir, and the Agricola Kantele Players, a group he now leads. He also builds the kantele, an instrument often used to accompany Kalevala poetry. He studied vocal technique with Dr. Nick Nanos, and has taught several voice students. He has studied the Finnish kantele and vocal traditions with musicians from Finland including Arja Kastinen, Maija Pokela, Outi Mantere, and Emmi Kuittinen. He has also studied and performed the Kalevala tradition with Dr. Anu Muhonen and Dr.
Börje Vähämäki from the University of Toronto Finnish Studies Department. He has performed Finnish music in major venues in Vancouver, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, and Sudbury, as well as Orivesi, Finland.

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