Folk Camp

song - harmony

Instructed by Olenka Kleban and Derick Greenly

Instructors Derick and Olenka will start the class with by teaching a simple tune that with guidance will allow participants to explore different arrangements. After “finding their voice”, participants will learn more intricate melodies and find harmonies that suit their comfort range. Songs will be mostly English-language songs of Canadian, American, and Irish folklore, and possibly a French tune thrown in for fun!

This workshop well get participants comfortable with singing in harmony with other people. Exploration of melody, tenor, and baritone parts in different arrangements will lead singers to be familiar with how to find harmony in song. Although basic music theory will be touched just to provide a schematic of what’s happening musically when parts are sung in harmony, the class will not require students to have prior knowledge of music theory, and will mostly rely on learning by ear and by feel- the folk way!