Folk Camp

song - that feed the soul

2015 program: song : women's eastern european | songs that feed the soul | harmony | improv choir | georgian polyphony

Instructed by Marichka Galadza

Do you long for songs to sing in gratitude, while standing at the edge of a mountain or maybe in times of trouble, when you need a touch of grace to light your path? This course will teach you songs befitting of these moments, starting in Eastern Europe and reaching back to southern parts of the United States. Together we’ll learn a Ukrainian wedding blessing, psalm hymns, a funeral dirge, a Hebrew round and finish off with Southern spiritual, work and praise songs. Emphasis will be placed on singing in unity, feeling the music in time and getting comfortable with basic harmony theory. We’ll have time for reflection and we’ll incorporate team and solo mind and body coordination exercises to feel more comfortable with losing ourselves in the music…..without losing our note! Come experience the joy of learning songs that feed the soul.