Folk Camp

song - traditional woman's song from eastern europe

Instructed by Ewelina Ferenc (Poland)

Village songs are mostly women’s songs. There are songs about weddings - how women don't want to marry a boy or about how hard the work in the field is; there are love songs, widow songs, orphan songs, and songs about funerals. There are many women’s topics inside the songs we will learn.

This workshop will show how important tradition is, and what we can do to keep it alive. This workshop will make people realize that it is very important to share our traditions.

It will also show the spiritual power of group singing - we will sing the songs together in polyphony. This workshop will also show that we can use our creativity and put new ideas into the songs, keeping the tradition alive while singing about the world we live in today.

This workshop will start with exercises. Ewelina will teach about how your diaphragm works and techniques to control it, so that participants will be able to sing strongly and confidently. There will be exercises that will relax your face muscles and body, and with further teach you how the whole body can help in singing. We will learn songs from different countries and traditions, such as Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Balkans. We will learn about the different techniques of singing in various languages and cultures.